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24-hour Nurses

We provide 24 Hours of Nurses throughout the German-speaking Region and to where German Is required. The 24-hour Nurse is usually used when the Patient needs permanent Care in his own Home. Most of The time, that’s the last Way to avoid moving the Patient to a Nursing Home. We have to place high Demands on the 24 Hours of nurses in our own Home. Unlike a Nursing home, the 24-hour Nurse is alone with the Patient. The Nurse must be experienced and, above all, be able to act independently. In addition to the care of the Patient, the Household is Usually also to be carried here.

Care and Support in the Home is the Issue here.


  • Training Nursing assistant (or several years of Experience in Care under Guidance)
  • Training Carer or Elderly Care worker
  • German Language
  • Working Independently
  • Knowledge of Housekeeping
  • Extended Knowledge of Cooking and Baking
  • Willingness to provide Help
  • Friendly Appearance
  • Knowledge of Food Hygiene
  • Knowledge of general Hygiene
  • Willingness to Communicate


  • Experience in the Care of Patients in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Driving licence
  • Experience with Dementia Patients
  • Basic Knowledge of medical Terms in German
  • Basic Knowledge of nursing Terms in German
  • Willingness to be set across Europe

In principle, we always accept Applications in the Area of 24 Hours of Care. Due to the increasing Number of Patients, we are always In need in this Area. Despite the increased Need, we cannot compromise on Experience, training or Knowledge of German.

As in the Area of 24 Hours of Domestic Helpers, we use the 24-hour nurses wherever the German Language is needed.

Essentially in the following Countries:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium


Your Advantage with us:

  • Regular Mediation
  • Appropriate Pay
  • Fixed Contacts
  • With appropriate Performance in the Area of 24-hour Care, safe Placement

Apply With us!

We process each Application and give You a Timely Information about how You have Chances for a Mediation. Take advantage of the Opportunity to become Part of a successful Team. Helping People is not just a Profession for us, for us a Calling to help People.

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